Yoga Nidra wellness seminars and workshops

Allow yourself to rest, balance, restore and heal with Yoga Nidra. Also known as yogic sleep, it is an ancient form of meditation in which one is guided through each layer of being called the Koshas. It activates our dormant healing energy to improve overall health and well being. This induces full body relaxation and deep meditative states of consciousness.
Yoga Nidra brings calmness, quietness and clarity and has been found to reduce tensions, stress, anxiety and insomnia. It also balances the autonomic nervous system.
There is no way to do it wrong. All that is required of you is to lie down comfortably and listen.
This class will begin with a mini Flowyoga session to stretch the body followed by a 45 minute Yoga Nidra guided meditation.
For all levels of experience and ability.
Please bring a blanket, eye pillow and yoga mat.

TEACHER: Shanna Nozdryn
DATE: coming soon.
LOCATION: Within, Life Enhancement Spa​

Yoga and Mindfulness Workshop​

Mindfulness is the art of bringing non- judge mental awareness to the present moment so that we can be aware of our actions, thoughts, feelings, and the sights and smells of life all around us. Mindfulness allows us to cultivate present moment awareness by encouraging us to respond to life’s ups and downs rather than reacting to them.

When we practice mindfulness we start to live life more fully with a deep, authentic connection to ourselves and the people and world around us. We start to experience things as they are rather than as we perceive them to be.

This yoga workshop is for all levels and will focus on the practice of mindfulness and how we can simply and effectively start to incorporate these principals into our yoga practice as well as our daily lives.

Oct. 29 from 1-4pm         With Martina Kruger        $50/ preregistration required.

An event you don't want to miss!