Mindfulness Workshop

with Martina Kruger


Mindfulness is the art of bringing non- judge mental awareness to the present moment so that we can be aware of our actions, thoughts, feelings, and the sights and smells of life all around us. Mindfulness allows us to cultivate present moment awareness by encouraging us to respond to life’s ups and downs rather than reacting to them.

When we practice mindfulness we start to live life more fully with a deep, authentic connection to ourselves and the people and world around us. We start to experience things as they are rather than as we perceive them to be.

This yoga workshop is for all levels and will focus on the practice of mindfulness and how we can simply and effectively start to incorporate these principals into our yoga practice as well as our daily lives. 

Cost:  $50 + hst      Date:  October 29, 2017      Time: 1-4pm

Pr-registration required

Start something NEW!   4-week BeginnerSeries

Mindful Flow Yoga with Martina Kruger

Sundays October 22nd – November 12th

10-11:30 am $64

Pr-registration is required (6-person max.)

Private yoga Classes!

Great for a couples getaway, friends and family.  Watch for specials this November for packages: Yoga session followed by herbal tea and facials or massages for two.

8 Taylor Road Bracebridge ON  705 646-0555

(at the base of the clock tower in the heart of town)

Chakra Workshop
The chakra system comes from an ancient tradition of Yoga and is used in western society as a

healing form of medicine.  In this workshop we will learn the fundamental

basics of Chakras.  What are they? How do they work? Why are they important?

And how can we tap into their healing nature?  

We will start to discover their connection and relationship to our physical

and mental state of being, and how we can use the chakra system to

ultimately find peace and balance within ourselves.  Our yoga practice will focus on

specific areas of the body which will aim to open and balance our chakras. 

Registration Deadline:  Thursday November 23rd 2017    Cost: $50

Pr-registration is required (6-person max.)